Where to Look for the Best Embroidery Designs

Having the best embroidery designs at hand is an important thing that must considered when you are planning to start an embroidery business. This is because having will help you create high-quality outputs more conveniently.

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But due to the abundance of available sources, there is a need for you to select the best from what is offered. To do this, make sure to conduct the needed research and make a shortlist of the top sources that you can consider.

Aside from that, you can also look for the best embroidery designs using the following:


One of the most common sources of best embroidery designs are the top embroidery books sold on the market. A lot of embroidery enthusiasts prefer this over the other available sources since these books are readily available in every bookstore.

In order to find the best designs, you should check all the available books in every bookstore; although doing this is quite time consuming, you should be ready to invest the time so as to make sure that you’ll be getting the best.

The good thing with using books as source of embroidery designs is that these usually provide a vast collection of images that you can use on garments and other items that are compatible for use with most embroidery machines.

These books also provide the needed instructions, tips and strategies that could help you obtain the best outputs.

Unfortunately, you will most likely need to digitize the designs obtained from books in order for the embroidery machines to stitch these onto garments.

You will also need to buy more books to start a collection of the best designs, and to stay updated with the most recent releases.


Aside from embroidery books, you can also check some of the leading embroidery magazines in bookstores to find the best designs.

Unlike books, most of the bestselling embroidery magazines usually feature the best designs, and due to this, you are no longer required to browse a lot just to find the images that will provide the best embroidery outputs when stitched onto garments.

In addition to that, magazines are considered a good source of the latest designs. But just like books, you also need to buy more magazines in order to come up with a good design collection.

Furthermore, there is also a need for you to regularly buy new magazines to keep your collection  updated with the latest trends in the embroidery world. You must bear in mind that buying a lot of magazines on a regular basis is quite expensive.


The internet is also a good source of the best embroidery designs out there because popular social media sites such as Pinterest, and even Google, can provide you with a lot of designs.

But in order to get the best, you need to spend a lot of time in checking the available images, and at the same time, selecting those that you think are the best.

Although this method can help you save money, given that you can easily download the images free of charge, you might end up having problems with their formats since not all of these are compatible with the most common embroidery machines on the market.

Digital subscriptions

Finally, you can also look for reliable websites that can provide the best and up-to-date designs in exchange for a monthly subscription fee.

This particular source can be considered as a good option since you will just receive the digital copies of the designs every month as long as you pay the required fee.

However, many of those who obtained these subscriptions say that the prices of the services provided are quite high, and the quality of designs that they regularly receive are not as impressive as promised.

To avoid such an experience, you can get a digital copy of “Linda’s 15,000 Embroidery Design Collection.” This can be your best option since getting the product involves only a one-time payment of $79.

By paying such, you will automatically obtain a total of 15,000 embroidery designs that are arranged in folders and carefully sorted to help you conduct a more convenient search for the preferred designs.

The designs provided are available in formats that are compatible with some of the embroidery machines’ requirements.

The good thing about this product is that the designs were created and compiled by embroidery experts who are very much knowledgeable of the business’ ins and outs.

On top of that, the product is backed by a 60-day hassle-free money-back guarantee. Finally, it is sold at a heavily discounted price and comes with 2 bonus collections for free.

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