Uses for Lace Embroidery

Lace embroidery has many uses not limited to garment embellishments. Here’s a list of its most popular uses that ranges all ages of wearers and aficionados.

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Wedding dresses

Walking down the aisle in lace can make any bride look so much more divine. Embroidered lace accents make the lace details more elegant and elaborate since they show laborious skills with beautiful and breathtaking outcomes.

Lace embroidery designs on a wedding dress can also be quite versatile as they can evoke certain specific vibes to a certain dress, depending on the bride’s personality.

Rounded and closely knit lace embroidery is visually thicker and can evoke a very textured and dramatic flair to a dress, while loose and flowing embroidery lines articulate something more elegant and sophisticated.

Moreover, the embroidery designs themselves can comprise different elements according to its wearer’s personal preferences to reflect her personality the best.

Some may opt for specific flowers, and some for more geometric patterns, while others will go for a more abstract design.

Ball gowns

The lace embroidery designs found on ball gown are a delicate addition to any gown’s charm.It can be used to further highlight feminine features such as the bust or the waist, or it can be added as extra accents such as hemline or sleeves trimming to achieve a more dramatic effect.

Despite many hundreds of years of existence, lace embroidery has yet to lose its appeal when it comes to designs and accents on women’s clothing.

Christening garb

On a more traditional note, baby boys and girls were usually dressed in white garments that were adorned with embroideries. These days, mostly, only baby girls wear such since lace has been deemed a feminine design.

Still, just like wedding dresses, christening dresses laced with embroidery designs make for a beautiful and deeply charming little dress for any baby girl.

What’s more is that, since embroidered pieces usually last a very long time, you may even offer it for your grandchildren to use for their christenings, and watch it handed down over and again as a traditional family heirloom amongst the girls of the family.

Ornamental table cloth and napkins

Not limited to clothing, lace embroidery designs also long ago made their way onto our dining tables.

If you would notice, many antique dining types of linen such as tablecloths, placemats, coasters, and even table napkins have been made with fabric and adorned with embroidered lace.

This makes them more attractive, although it may cause you to lose your appetite since you would not want so stain such a delicate and pristine piece of art.

If well-maintained and meticulously cared for, such pieces can survive for  generations—which is why 100-year-old lace embroidered table napkins can still be found up until this day, although they are rarely used due to their value.

Intricate curtain patterns

And since lace embroidery designs have found their way onto dining sets, they have also crept their way up onto window curtains.

You can just imagine the light seeping through those intricate patterns and casting beautiful shadows to greet you in the morning.

Curtain lace embroidery can be either found on the hems as trimming, or if your embroiderer is feeling energetic, all throughout the fabric of the curtains.

For an airier and more delicate effect, the entire curtain itself may be made of purely embroidered lace to allow for ventilation and ample lighting.  Such pieces are a great conversation starter, and can set a very classy or vintage mood to any room.

Christmas design artefacts

Some of the most popular designs for this season are the snowflake, the Christmas tree, the snowman, Santa’s sleigh, and reindeer.

Many other novel Christmas icons may be used as references in creating or ordering a piece of lace embroidery, and may be used for various purposes.

They can be strewn on coffee tables as an additional décor, sewn onto pillow cases for a holiday feel, or onto Christmas stockings to give the novel tradition a classier look.

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