Unique Ideas for Embroidery

The art of embroidery has been around for thousands of years. It is no doubt that you may feel as if you have already run out of embroidery design ideas to make your embroidery piece stand out amongst the many.

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Below are a few unique embroidery design ideas, as well as other unique uses for embroidery.


Rock ‘n roll

If you are thinking of intricate and crafty needlework, hard-core steam punk might not be the first thing that comes into your mind.

That is not always the case though, since both method and element may be combined to create a very unique and one-of-a-kind piece that will surely turn some heads and gain some approval.

Just think of electric guitars, skulls, cannabis, and tattoo elements, and your embroidery is good to go.


Notes, musical symbols and even instruments are a lovely, though not very common, piece for embroidery. For music lovers out there, this can be a way to immortalize your love for music.

You can even go as far as having an entire music sheet of your favorite piece embroidered onto a piece of fabric for remembrance.

Unconventional nature

Sure, butterflies and flowers are the entire mainstream in the embroidery world, but what about jellyfish? Or iguanas?

Ironically, these types of animal elements can make very elegant subjects in the art of embroidery, depending on how they are made.

If you choose these types of subjects, make sure to make clear to your embroiderer what you want to achieve with your chosen subject. Try to submit pictures, drafts, or sketches to be clearer.


Pirate ships are yet another uncommon entity in the embroidery industry. Maybe they have a bad image in the past, but embroidering sails and waves are so much fun, and can achieve a carefree and relaxing or fun and adventurous outcome.


Embroidered pieces usually already appear embossed against a fabric. However, you can take it to the next level and add more and more volume to a piece of embroidery such that the picture that you are trying to embroider seems to be popping out from the fabric itself.

You can do this with any design that you choose—be it the common garden and animal designs, or the more eclectic designs mentioned above.

Layering your embroidery to achieve a 3D effect can have a visually stunning effect on anyone who sees it. Make sure to feature this piece at home to brag about with your friends.


On lingerie

Some traditional forms of embroidery have been used for women’s undergarments in the past. But that was well before the dawn of today’s friskier lingerie.

Unique embroidery designs on lingerie can add to the sexy factor and can be great bridal gifts on a bridal shower.

The embroidered lace need not end as she walks down the aisle since the bride can still wear fancy embroidery for the honeymoon.

On jewelry

Not very often do you see embroidered pieces on necklaces, bracelets, chokers, and even on earrings and anklets. Maybe people simply forgot that embroidered pieces are so versatile that you can even wear them on your wrist.

Such pieces can be very classy and dramatic to behold, and they can be quite accentuating and memorable. Be sure to pick a piece that complements your outfit well and emphasizes your good features.


Aside from use with jewelry, embroidery designs can also be uniquely made or incorporated into other common accessories such as vests, bows, ribbons, hats, belts, bags, shoes, and even ties if you are daring enough.

The possibilities are limitless and the only limits are your imagination and your angst in creating those intricate patterns on whatever fashion.


Embroidery is a learned art, and just as any learned art, it takes constant and consistent practice to be perfect.

Also just like any art form, it takes a lot of creativity and innovation in order for you to be able to come up with unique, stunning, and even meaningful outcomes.

Always practice your craft, and do not be afraid to try something new every now and then.

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