Reasons to Love Baby Embroidery Designs

Baby outfits are already cute as they are, but did you know that they can become even cuter with a bit of tweaking? Little accents such as baby embroidery designs are an effective and simple way to amp your baby’s fashion without necessarily having to cost you much.

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You will avoid such hazards that may be present in other design methods such as buttons that may detach and cause a choking risk, or a print that may peel off and cause an irritation.

Other than that, here are other reasons why you should gather up all those adorable baby clothes and head to your nearest seamstress or embroiderer.

They add a bit of detail to plain white baby garb

White is a universal color of choice especially for parents with very young babies or for expecting parents who would like to keep their baby’s gender a surprise.

However, despite the cuteness of these plain baby garbs, you can’t help but wish for a bit of color on even just one spot here or there. Luckily, this can be achieved with just a simple and economical method of design. You can say goodbye to drab plain old white onesies and say hello to fashionably embroidered baby wear.

You can choose between cute baby animal designs, or pastel letter blocks, to splash a bit of color to your baby’s daily wear. Surely, your baby will appreciate the bright colors too. The embroidery can be a great way to stimulate your baby visually without the aid of toys.

For those with multiples, they can be a good method of identification.

Not all parents have just one precious bundle to ogle over and adore; some are blessed with twins, triplets, and a few lucky parents are blessed with even more, all at once! For such parents, resorting to buying identical items is usually the least hassling and the most economical—especially if your multiples are of the same gender.

With baby embroidery designs, your visiting friends can easily tell between Jessie, Jill, and June with their personalized name embroideries. This way, you can also very easily organize your multiples’ clothing without too much confusion and mix-ups.

They make great childhood memorabilia

Is there anything more nostalgic than to discover your old baby clothing with your own name embroidered onto it in beautiful elegant script or in adorable letter block spellings?

Finding early childhood memorabilia such as old worn plain onesies with an embroidered name can be used in so many adorable ways—you can hand them down as a family heirloom to your children and grandchildren.

You can take pictures of it for your childhood photo compilation for a wedding presentation; or you can simply nicely frame it and have something sweet and artsy to look at for a good conversation starter for your friends who come over.

They’re outright cute

Need something to match or at least compliment your baby’s cuteness? Sprawl some storks all over their overalls, or sew some bears and embroidered bibs and bottles to make your cute little bundle all the cuter.

For an even cooler outcome, you can go for out-of-the box designs for your baby’s wardrobe such as an embroidered little necktie or bow onto a favorite shirt or tie-side, or a side pocket design with a matching pocket watch so that your little man can be as swaggering as a baby can be with his newly designed outfit.


There are so many reasons to love baby embroidery designs. They are a simple but very effective way to add details and accents to your baby’s outfit without having to cost too much or  require you to buy additional and complicated accessories that you may not be so sure that your baby will like.

If you have a plain old piece of baby clothing that you want to look new or different, try baby embroidery designs and watch your baby’s wardrobe come to life.

Our Top Pick For Embroidery Designs

All the best designs in one easy package!

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