Pros and Cons of Large Embroidery Designs

Large embroidery designs are definitely among the most attractive designs seen on garments and other personalized items. However, the use of such designs has its own pros and cons.

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Thus, it is important to determine these pros and con to enable embroidery enthusiasts to take advantage of the potential benefits, as well as come up with effective ways to deal with the existing downsides of using these designs.

This can be accomplished by conducting the needed research to obtain useful information such as the following.

Large embroidery designs pros

More convenient processing

Many embroidery businesses usually prefer to take bulk orders that involve large embroidery designs since these are more convenient to process.

Compared to smaller designs, the larger ones commonly involve simple edits and adjustments in order to obtain the desired appearance.

In most cases, the images that will be used to create a large embroidery design are only subjected to the most basic size adjustment to make sure that the embroidered product will fit onto the garment, as well as to match the size specifications provided by customers.

Processing large embroidery designs are more convenient since the details of the desired image are easily transferred to the digitized file where the embroidery output is based.

Given that the image is larger, the machine will not consume a lot of time in making sure that every detail is well highlighted.

Highly visible

Many embroidery enthusiasts prefer large embroidery designs to be stitched or transferred onto the garments and other personal items, for these can be easily seen.

In fact, most larger designs are visible even at a certain distance. In most cases, the large designs, particularly those that are made of bright-colored threads, easily attract the attention of the public.

Better image quality

Aside from the convenient processing involved and high-visibility, large embroidery designs are praised for they come with better image quality compared to the smaller ones.

This is because the design’s relatively larger size allows the embroidery machine to carefully stitch even the most complicated details since the available space where the threads will be sewn is not that limited.

Large embroidery designs cons

Time consuming

A lot of embroidery experts usually do not recommend the use of large embroidery designs on garments and other personalized items since the actual process is time consuming.

This is because every design covers a wider area and the stitching process can last for hours, depending on the size of the images that must be embroidered on the medium used.

Requires large amount of threads

Another disadvantage for large embroidery designs is that they require larger amounts of threads. Since the design that must be stitched onto a particular medium is large, it requires more threads to cover the entire area.

In addition to that, the needed amount of thread is expected to increase when a particular design is patterned after a multicolored image.

Prone to damage

Finally, a lot of embroidery experts dislike the use of large designs for these are prone to damage while in process. In most cases, the design’s large dimension makes it more prone to being ruined during the stitching process.

The finished products that bear the relatively larger designs are also believed to be prone to damages especially when washed or cleaned.

Despite the identified downsides of using large embroidery designs, a lot of embroidery enthusiasts and businesses still continue to use them for they firmly believe that the number of advantages outnumbers the undesirable ones.

In addition to that, a lot of studies conducted have recently found out that the existing downsides can be conveniently dealt with by using a reliable source of design because using a good design source is very helpful in achieving the best design quality and durable embroidery outputs.

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