Linda’s Embroidery Design Collection

Embroidery can come easy nowadays, especially with computerized embroidery machines ready at our whim. However, there still are some people who opt to craft by hand.

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Sometimes, when we feel that some of our fabrics need embroidery, we go to the nearest embroiderer and pay for each design. This can cost you somewhere between $1 to $100, depending on your chosen design.

Now, imagine if you could get almost any design that you want for just a fraction of a dollar each—just $.005 dollars per design, to be exact. Where can you get that good of a deal?

Linda’s Embroidery Design Collection features 15,000 embroidery designs for a total cost of just $79! If you are planning to turn your hobby into an embroidery business, this is a very inexpensive initial investment for something that has very big potential returns.

On the other hand, if you intend to use it for personal purposes, just imagine how many hundreds of dollars you can save on embroidery ad fabric design.

This way, you can afford to design and embroider all the fabrics that you want without incurring additional cost aside from the materials you are about to use.

Below are some useful and creative ideas as to where you can apply your embroidery designs:

Borders for bed linens

You can opt for full color borders to accentuate your linens, or you can go for the more classical white embroidery on white for that classic feel.

You will feel different about your bed linens after you’re done with them. They will have a certain definition to them and a more personal touch.

To add color to plain white curtains

Your drab old white curtains will no longer remind you of the hospital. Gone are the days of your plain whites, and you can now say hello to a whole new look and feel for your old curtains.

Who says you need to purchase a new set? All you have to do is to practice your needlework, make it do its magic, and your plain white curtains will look like they’re new. You’ll never be able to tell.

Design linen tie backs to match with draperies

Matching your draperies with your tie backs has never been this accessible. If you had to scour store after store before, looking for the perfect match—gone are those days.

With Linda’s Embroidery Design Collection, all you have to do is to look up the design and get down to business.

Fingertip towels

These are those quaint little towels on the bathroom sinks with matching hand soaps. Since hand soaps are usually carved, you can now simply embroider the same character in the soap onto your fingertip towels to make your guests feel extra welcome and extra impressed.

Kitchen towels

Try to find towels with an allotted space for stitching; these are usually found in stitching stores. These towels can greatly benefit from some good old bordering that you can very easily match with your kitchen décor and motif.

All you have to do is browse through the thousands of available designs and choose which one that best matches your existing décor.

Bath towels

A special towel and a design that matches your bathroom will surely complement your bath atmosphere and awe your family.

You can even embroider names onto bathroom towels to avoid those tedious towel tug of wars early in the morning. With names embroidered onto their towels, everyone in the family will surely feel special.

As gifts

A hand-crafted gift is usually the best kind of gift. These are the types of gift that you could not find at your local gift store or anywhere else.

Hand-crafted gifts are also usually so personalized, and are made with the receiver’s preferences and personality in mind, which makes them extra special.

For selling

Just as mentioned above, you can make a fortune out of a meagre investment of $79. All you have to do is to buy Linda’s Embroidery Design Collection, practice your craft, and start selling!

Our Top Pick For Embroidery Designs

All the best designs in one easy package!

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