Key Points to Consider in Choosing the Right Logo Embroidery Design

Designing your own logo for an organization or any group can be fulfilling as well as challenging. There are so many factors to consider, and there may even be disagreements on the choice of elements and characters that your group may want to consider when choosing a design.

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However, as you finish with the fussing and finally get to the final design, there could be nothing more satisfying to admire than your own logo embroidery design on your team shirt or your organizational vest.

To lessen all the fuss about it, here are a few points to consider when you are in the process of choosing the right logo embroidery design.


It may be as simple as the design of your logo’s lettering, but it may be a cause of argument. Before you set it down, try to identify what type of impression you want to make on a person who so happens to read your logo.

A strong bold and capitalized font may be more masculine and tough looking, while a wispy italicized script may cater to the more feminine groups. Do not forget to take into consideration the legibility of your design font.

Some fonts may look readable in print but are hard to decipher once embroidered onto fabric. Try to test out a chosen font before mass embroidering it onto a group garment.


If you already have a team color, you’re in luck. But if you don’t, this may be a cause of conflict.  At best, try to pick colors that best represent the group’s personality.

Hot colors such as reds, yellow, and oranges are best for high-energy and enthusiastic groups such as sports groups, while cool colors such as blues, purples, and greens best symbolize more laid-back groups that appreciate calm and quiet, such as book clubs or poetry groups.

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It can be a team mascot, and animal, or any item that symbolizes the group and what they stand for. A good example is the sword and shield of knights’ organizations since it best complements the group’s name.

A pair of binoculars for explorers, or a quill and ink for writers are all good examples of items that best represent an organization and what they do.


Whether you want it to occupy a small spot, or the entire top part of your organizational shirt is really up to you and the gang. It also depends on what occasions you will be using your garb.

A smaller detailed logo embroidery design is best for more formal occasions, while more casual events and parties are where larger embroidery designs are sure to pop and get attention.


Debating on whether to place a border on your logo embroidery design? What is the difference anyway?

A border is effective in containing your embroidery design, resulting in something that looks a lot cleaner and more formal, while a design without a border is more liberated and allows for more creative space for you to extend the embroidery design if you want.


The most common spot for a logo embroidery design is usually on the top left breast of a collared shirt. Some opt to place it on the top back part to be more discreet or inconspicuous. These two are the most usual spots where logo embroidery designs are placed.

For those who opt for extra- large logos, the usual spot is the entire top half of the back or the front of the garment. If you want it to be a bit discreet without placing it on the back of the shirt, the bottom corner at the front is usually a good option too.

Hopefully, these factors and how to go about them can help you and your group decide on your logo embroidery design for your chosen group garment.

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