Home Sweet Home

Nothing is more welcoming than the sight of your own home after a long day at work. You step out of your car in the driveway, walk up to the front porch, and a welcome mat greets you right at the door.

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And when you open it, there it is all that embroidered silly lettering, colors welcoming your eyes and completing the whole homecoming experience just before your family comes rushing down to meet you—your very own “Home Sweet Home.”

All homes have it. Some more elegant and intricate than others; some are designed in chic deliberately mismatched letterings, while others are simply homemade and crudely done but with much love. Some are framed and some are not.

Some are hanging somewhere, while others are perched on a surface, or plastered onto a wall. Some are big and some are tiny.

Some are made with serious monochromes, but most are made with colorful threads and happy needlework that just seems to blow the stress of work away in an instant.

Home embroidery designs are a small part of a home’s décor, but they do bring a very big and important message to those who dwell within the home, whenever they come home from work, school or from anywhere else.

For those who have just come home from work, seeing that simple piece of décor can help them switch from stressful work mode to laid-back home and family-time mode, which is such an important thing to do, especially if you have kids around who need your attention.

For some people, it even can ward off stress since it signals your brain that you are already in a safe and neutral place where you are sheltered and happy with the people that you care for the most.

Home embroidery designs are not limited to one décor within your foyer though, they can be strewn all over the place for an extra added homey effect. You can add home embroidery designs to your throw pillows in your living room to boost your comfort.

You can even add them to your kitchen towels, and table napkins. You can also have them embroidered on one of your curtains for added accent.

Or, you could simply embroider them individually on pieces of fabric that you can frame and hang, or stitch onto any fabric-made items at home.

And it is not necessarily limited to “Home Sweet Home.” Similar phrases can produce similar effects, and you can choose whatever works for you like “Home is where the heart is,” or a blessing like “God bless our home,” or even more personalized statements like “Home of the Smiths.”

You can choose from a list of popular home quotes and sayings, or you can make your own if you feel like it, or if you have a certain phrase in mind, such as a greeting that your family uses to greet you every time you come home each day.

If you are into ancestry and quests like that, you can even trace your country of origin and embroider a “Welcome Home” greeting in your native language.

Home embroidery designs are also a great bonding activity, especially for moms and their little girls. This way, you can be sure that your home décor is according to your family’s tastes and has a personal and intimate touch to it.

After having finished your needlework, you and the girls can frame your finished product, or keep them on their embroidery rings (especially those rustic wooden ones) and place them atop the fireplace for display, or somewhere where the entire family can appreciate them.

You can make this a regular weekend activity if your girls are already schooling, and the finished masterpieces can be framed and displayed for friends and visitors to see.

There is a lot of intimate charm and happy feelings when you see a home-embroidery design that welcomes you into a home.

It gives you a sense of rest and shuts off the hectic world outside in exchange for the more relaxed and happy atmosphere of home.

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