Common Sports Embroidery Designs

Sports embroidery designs are a common way to design team sportswear and gear. They are usually made up of single elements that best represent what the team and the sport is all about. Below are a few examples of the most common sports embroidery designs used these days.

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But of course! Balls definitely make the top of our list of common sports embroidery designs. Most sports involve the use of a ball, so this comes as no surprise.

Embroidery designs of basketballs, tennis balls, footballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, and softballs are the most popular and also the easiest to make.

If you are not confident in making your own sport ball embroidery, a quick trip down to the embroiderer will do the trick. Depending on the size of your design, it may take only a few minutes if done by a computerized machine.

Helmets or head gear

Different sports have different gear.

Although some may not require the use of head gear, those which do have the opportunity to have a more unique and defining embroidery design to further accentuate the sport. Such sports are baseball, motocross, fencing, racing, football, hockey, polo, and many more.

Although primarily a safety device, head gear make for great symbols for the sport and are sometimes used to represent the sport itself. The logo with a lone football helmet is iconic enough for people to recognize the game itself.

Handheld gear

Another staple in sports embroidery designs are handheld gear. These include tennis and badminton rackets, golf clubs, hockey sticks, lacrosse sticks, baseball bats, and table tennis paddles among many.

Such logos are just as iconic as the balls and the head gear since they feature something that is somewhat unique to the game. Sometimes they are depicted in pairs—usually in an X formation, with or without a ball in the middle.

Sometimes, they are featured in singles, and in action, such as a golf club on the verge of hitting a golf ball or other similarly situated handheld sports gear.

Other sports gear

Not all sports are as mainstream as to involve a ball and a paddle. Some sports make do without one or the other. Take for example bowling. Its most iconic items aside from the three-holed bowling ball are the ivory-white bowling pin with the stripe on its neck.

Another example is fencing, where fencing swords are the main gear featured. Yet another most stark example of such a sport is archery.

It involves neither ball, nor paddle, racket nor bat, but rather uses its own highly unique set of equipment that can be easily identified if portrayed on a logo—a bow and arrow.


If sports equipment is too generic for you and you would like to foster some level of team spirit with your sports embroidery designs, you can always opt for your team character or team mascot.

Mascots are an endearing way to get the crowd’s attention during games and boost team spirit.

May it be a patriotic eagle, a fierce wildcat, an elegant elk, or a cuddly bear, make sure that your true team character or mascot is properly portrayed in the embroidered logo—bearing the team name, wearing the team’s colors, and maybe reciting the team’s official chant.

Team logo

If you do not like the idea of generic sports gear, but also do not have a team mascot, your safest bet for a sports embroidery design is your team’s logo. Surely, your team has its own logo. Just look for it on your team shirt, or jersey or jacket.

Otherwise, you may see it printed on papers where your team has been published, or on your team’s letterhead whenever you send out letters on behalf of the team.

Make sure to approach a skilled embroiderer to ensure that your team logo comes out embroidered just as well as it is printed.

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