Autumn Embroidery Design Elements

When you speak of fall, you get to think of so many novel ideas and designs for your home and your wardrobe. Nature even helps—you suddenly get a new roof, coated with fallen leaves of different reds, yellows, and oranges, and the same goes with your lawn.

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The chill in the wind gives you the perfect reason to bring out those lovely knitted cardigans and those extra comfy sweaters that you’ve been waiting to wear after having had enough of the short shorts and tank tops of summer.

There is one more way that you can truly get into the spirit of fall: fall embroidery designs. It is an affordable, simple, but attractive and elegant way to design your items or clothing to fit right into the fall fashion.

You need not limit these embroidery designs to your clothing as they can complement your pillowcases, towels, and even your curtains quite nicely.

Below are a few elements that you can sew onto your favorite piece to add a bit of fall spirit into your outfit or into your home.


No other fowl can speak so much of fall as that of a good old turkey. Since autumn usually leads right into Thanksgiving season, where a good roast turkey is usually the star of the banquet, why not bring it from the table centerpiece onto your favorite sweatshirt?

Or your favorite throw pillow to entertain your guests in your living room. That way, your guests can get right into the spirit of Thanksgiving even before dinner is served, or if you do decide to embroider it onto a piece of clothing, you can bring the banquet with you anywhere you may go.


Just as the turkey is the fowl of the season, the pumpkin seems to be the vegetable of the season as well.

Note that chilly autumn is also when Halloween usually falls, and you can easily see carved jack-o-lanterns in every yard, simply because fall is when these pumpkins are sure to be aplenty.

A pumpkin on your curtain is a wonderful way to commemorate autumn, and even doubles as a Halloween accessory.


Although not an edible part of the autumn feast, acorns are also aplenty on the ground during fall. Seeing them all over the place, with squirrels scurrying for that harvest before the snow makes you feel that it truly is already fall.

Strewing some all over your home as a fall embroidery design will make you feel like fall whether you’re outdoors or huddled up inside.

Maple leaf

Ah, the good old maple leaf! With its browns and reds and yellows and oranges, it is the truest and the simplest symbol of fall.

Fall can never be fall without a good-sized mountain of crunchy maple leaves on the front yard to jump in and toss all over like fiery confetti.

Embroidering a maple leaf on your favorite fall shirt is a great idea—and allows you to camouflage in the mountain of leaves as well.

Harvest horn

Harvest horns, or cornucopias, are quite traditional. They symbolized the last harvest before snow falls, which is what autumn was all about way back when people grew their own food in their own yards.

Harvest horn embroidery is deeply symbolic of that tradition, and gives you a sense of the past with a piece of design. If you are into history and like old traditional items, this fall embroidery design is a great idea.

Autumn flora

Sometimes also called an autumn wreath. It is simply a collection of plants and flowers that are common to fall, or have fall colors to them.

It can involve sunflowers, roses, acorns, squash vines, and a lot more—structured like that of a Christmas wreath or bunched and bundled into a bouquet.

As an embroidery design, this is a bit more challenging to make since it involves more elements, but it can be accomplished by a well-practiced seamstress or embroiderer.

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