Best Hand Embroidery Patterns

Having the most reliable sources of the best hand embroidery patterns is definitely the most important thing that embroidery boutique and business owners would like.

It is because doing so could give their businesses a competitive edge over the competitors, as well as assure their clients that they can provide all that they are expecting from an embroidery boutique.

But due to the increasing number of available sources of these patterns, many embroidery enthusiasts and businesses are having a hard time in selecting the most reliable and the best sources.

Thus, they are strongly advised to conduct the needed research that will help them in the actual selection process.

Effective ways to obtain the best hand embroidery patterns

There are a lot of ways to obtain the best hand embroidery patterns that embroidery enthusiasts and business can use. However, there are a number of best practices that you can do in order to achieve this goal.

Conduct a personal search

Conducting a personal search is one of the best ways that individuals who are searching for or want to obtain the best hand embroidery patterns can do to get what they want.

This is usually done by going to the nearest bookstores and checking the available embroidery books and magazines in hope that these can provide the patterns needed.

Aside from checking such resources, many embroidery enthusiasts will likely purchase some books that they think will be of great help to them.

But to achieve the best results, these individuals are usually advised to visit as many bookstores as they can, and to check all the available embroidery books and magazines to identify which of these have the appropriate hand embroidery patterns.

For those with limited budgets, they are encouraged to make a short list of the books and magazines that can provide the needed patterns, and select only those that would be the best help to them if they were to purchase such sources.

Do an extensive online search

Doing an extensive an online search is also an effective method when searching for the best hand embroidery patterns.

The good thing about this strategy is that it allows an embroidery enthusiast to obtain what’s needed without the need to go from one place to another, for this only requires spending some time in front of the computer searching the Web.

In most cases, a search is done by checking some of the popular and reliable embroidery websites. These sites usually provide samples of patterns that can be downloaded for free.

However, not all websites offer a long list of embroidery patterns for free. Most of these usually require a payments of fees, and in some cases, monthly subscriptions. To get the best out of a search, you should check as many websites to obtain more patterns.

The process usually consumes more time, and although there are sites that don’t require payment, the number of patterns obtained are not as many, compared to those that a personal search and purchase of books or magazines can provide.

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Conduct an extensive personal and online search

Combining a personal and an online search is said to be the most effective way to obtain the best hand embroidery patterns because the outputs obtained from doing both are combined and the chances of being able to create an extensive list of the needed patterns that will be used for personal or business purposes is quite high.

However, using this particular strategy involves more time and effort since the search is conducted on a personal basis, as well as online.

Crewel & Surface Embroidery: Inspirational Floral Designs

The Crewel & Surface Embroidery: Inspirational Floral Designs is currently among the most popular resource that embroiderers are using.

Many embroidery enthusiasts prefer this over the other available resources since this is designed to encourage those who are interested in engaging in the craft but don’t have the time to do it.

By providing a total of 16 achievable projects, this book can be regarded as a good start for aspiring embroiderers out there.


  • Comes in dimensions of 8.2” x 0.4” x 11”
  • Offered in a 144-page paperback edition
  • Includes inspirational designs inspired by the works created by the top master decorative painters from America and Australia
  • The available designs are portrayed in surface and crewel embroidery
  • Features designs from Zhostovo folk art style of Russia
  • Offers a lot of lavender, rose, and poppy designs
  • Features beautifully blended colors
  • Comes with 16 achievable projects
  • Offers clear instructions, material lists and color guidance for each project
  • Comes with an impressive introduction
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Very portable and compact
  • Can be easily read and understood
  • Can encourage beginners to get into embroidery
  • Has 16 challenging, yet practical, and very achievable projects
  • Provides instructions, lists of materials, and strategies to achieve better color blending outputs
  • The instructions provided are straightforward and very clear
  • Works best for all levels of embroiderers
  • Comes with many photographs, row-by-row color keys, and illustrations
  • Features a comprehensive guide on how to skillfully blend wool, cotton and silk
  • Sold at a budget-friendly price


  • Product availability is quite limited
  • Not sold along with an applicable warranty
  • Might not be shipped to some countries
  • Fails to offer the average number of designs that other similarly priced books do


The Crewel & Surface Embroidery: Inspirational Floral Designs remains a preferred option among beginners and expert embroiderers since it provides step-by-step instructions and realistic illustrations on how to do basic embroidery work.

It comes with 16 achievable projects that can help newcomers to accomplish their first embroidery outputs.

Although it is actually intended for beginners, the product is also popular among experts since it features the most simplistic instructions needed in improving the combination of colors used in making hand embroidery outputs.

Doodle Stitching: Fresh & Fun Embroidery for Beginners

The Doodle Stitching: Fresh & Fun Embroidery for Beginners is presently one of the top options for those who want to start engaging in embroidery projects.

In fact, it is a favored option for many beginners since it offers fun and fresh embroidery projects that they can start on.

In addition to that, the book provides a very simple set of instructions, and helpful illustrations that further makes getting each project more convenient.


  • Comes with dimensions of 0.2’ x 8.8” x 9”
  • Suitable for children aged 5 and up
  • Offered as a 128-page paperback edition
  • Provides fun, interesting and fresh embroidery projects for beginners
  • Enables young embroiderers to make garments by creating attractive embroidered touches
  • Provides doodle designs that are exciting to stitch on garments and other fabrics
  • Comes with step-by-step instructions on how to transfer doodle designs onto any fabric


  • Can be easily read and understood
  • Suitable for kids ages 5 and up
  • Can be conveniently taken on the go
  • Includes fun and exciting projects to stitch
  • Allows the creation of charming embroidery outputs
  • Can be used by beginners
  • Sold at a decent price
  • A great way to start engaging in embroidery activities
  • Written by a doodle design expert
  • Guides kids and beginners to do the basic embroidery creations
  • Provides interesting illustrations


  • Suitable only for kids and beginners
  • Provides basic hand embroidery patterns
  • Easily runs out of stock
  • Might not be eligible for international shipping


The Doodle Stitching: Fresh & Fun Embroidery for Beginners is considered an embroidery must-have for kids and beginners since it comes with simple, yet fun to work designs suited for those who are just starting to learn the basic embroidery tasks.

It is also sold at a budget-friendly price, and is designed to allow newcomers to conveniently accomplish their first embroidery outputs.

Mary Thomas’s Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches

The Mary Thomas’s Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches is actually an old book that has been in existence for a few years.

This resource is a favorite among novice and expert embroiderers around the world since provides pictures and other important information on how to create hand embroidered items.

The book was recently updated by Jan Eaton to incorporate some of the latest embroidery designs and techniques to further improve its relevance to consumers.


  • Sold with dimensions of 8.6” x 0.5” x 9.8”
  • Offered in a 298-page paperback edition
  • Originally published in hardcover form in 1989
  • Revised and transformed into a full-color edition
  • Provides up to 400 stitching and embroidery patterns
  • Obtained 100 new stitching patterns
  • Comes with detailed and full-colored diagrams
  • Patterns provided are arranged according to usage
  • Features the most basic pattern outlines and border stitches
  • Includes more complex pulled-fabric stitches and detached fillings
  • Designed to help embroiderers master the art of embroidery


  • Can be conveniently read and understood
  • Suitable for novice and expert embroiderers
  • Provides the classic embroidery patterns and the latest versions
  • Recently updated and patterns were transformed into full-colored versions
  • Features up to 400 classic patterns and 100 new designs
  • Provides information on how to accomplish the basic pattern outlines and the more complex stitches
  • Promotes mastery of the art of embroidery making
  • Comes at a relatively decent price


  • Some readers might find the presentation of information boring and difficult to understand
  • Comes with a lot of pages
  • Might not be conveniently carried along with you
  • Product availability is quite limited
  • Not sold with a limited warranty
  • Might not be available for shipping to some countries


Despite its existing downsides, the Mary Thomas’s Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches remains a good buy for embroidery enthusiasts, particularly novices, since the book effectively helps them in upgrading their skills and mastering the art of embroidery.

The book also offers a total of 500 hand embroidery patterns that can be considered as a good addition to the collections of those who wish to increase the number of embroidery designs they can use.

On top of that, the book offers a comprehensive set of instructions that can help embroiderers improve their skills in making different embroidery outputs.

Colour Confidence in Embroidery

The Colour Confidence in Embroidery (Milner Craft Series) is a bestselling embroidery resource that expert embroiderers like to have in their collections because the book provides the needed information that can help them uncover the possibilities of creating impressive embroidery outputs by using in-depth color exploration.

Aside from that, this material also provides 200 patterns covering various designs that are believed to inspire embroiderers to improve their quality of work.


  • Comes with dimensions of 1” x 8.5” x 11.2”
  • Sold in a 256-page hardcover version
  • Written by a famous author who has successfully published other embroidery books
  • Provides information on how to properly use different colors to give life to every embroidered piece
  • Provides instructions on how to properly create shadings, add light or shadows, and highlights shiny areas of the embroidery patterns created
  • Teaches appropriate color selection and blending
  • Features up to 200 stitched examples
  • Comes with bird, fruit and rose patterns
  • Features embroidery techniques that are useful when doing surface and counted thread embroidery patterns
  • Comes with 12 workable projects


  • Highly informative and inspiring
  • Encourages embroiderers to focus on maximizing color use to give life to the embroidery outputs
  • Written by an embroidery expert
  • Provides colorful and precise illustrations
  • Includes 12 workable projects and 200 stitching examples
  • Offers instructions on how to accomplish colored and attractive outputs using bird, rose and fruit patterns
  • Provides tips on how to choose and use threads of various textures
  • Sold at a budget friendly price


  • Suitable for use of expert embroiderers
  • Might not be convenient to read and understand
  • Provides technical instructions that not all embroiderers can easily understand
  • Not convenient to be taken on the go
  • Easily runs out of stock
  • Not backed by an applicable warranty


Although the Colour Confidence in Embroidery (Milner Craft Series) is usually viewed by novice and beginners in the art of embroidery making.

The product still remains as a favored option among experts because the book tackles the advanced topic of using colors to give life to embroidered outputs.

It comes with all the needed instructions on how to manipulate and add more colors to embroidery projects, and this is presented by providing samples of embroidered works centered on fruit, bird, and rose patterns.

On top of that, the book also features 12 workable projects that can help enhance the stitching skills of expert embroiderers as well as up to 200 examples that they can use to master the skills obtained from using the book as their resource material.

Linda’s 15,000 Embroidery Design Collection

The “Linda’s 15,000 Embroidery Design Collection” is presently one of the most in-demand sources of the best hand embroidery patterns across the globe because the product is offered in a digital format that can be easily downloaded and taken on the go, or stored for future use.

But aside from that, the product comes with about 15,000 designs or patterns that provide embroiderers with a massive design collection from which to choose.

On top of that, it is sold at a decent price and can be obtained almost everywhere as long as an Internet connection is available.


  • Sold as a downloadable format
  • Includes 15,000 embroidery designs of various styles, formats and versions
  • Features designs that are compatible for use with almost all types of embroidery machines
  • Offers a detailed set of instructions on how to create the best embroidery outputs
  • The designs offered are professionally digitized, and come with exquisite shading as well as detailing
  • Offered for sale and requires a one-time payment
  • Can be easily downloaded and stored for future use
  • The available designs are grouped in folders for more manageable selection


  • Available in paperless and highly downloadable format
  • Includes thousands of designs
  • Designs are offered in different formats that allow these to work well with various types of embroidery machines
  • The available designs are systematically arranged which makes the selection more convenient
  • Comes with useful instructions on how the designs would be processed to create a particular output
  • Can be downloaded after providing the designated subscription fee
  • Offered at a highly discounted price
  • Sold with 2 additional packages that are originally sold separately, but are offered free upon purchase of the product
  • Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Designs are created and compiled by embroidery experts


  • Abundance of designs might confuse subscribers on which design to use
  • Might not be conveniently downloaded when the available Internet connection is weak


Linda’s 15,000 Embroidery Design Collection” is definitely one of the best sources of the best hand embroidery patterns since it comes with 15,000 different designs that are available in various formats that allow them to be utilized using any type of embroidery machine.

It is also sold at a very decent price, which is paid prior to the download process. It comes with 2 bonus packages that are actually sold separately, but offered for free upon purchase of the digital file.

Finally, the product’s sale is backed by 30-day money-back warranty that allows consumers to get refunds in the event that they don’t find the product useful or satisfactory.

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